Prof. Steve Youngblood photo

Steve Youngblood is a visiting Professor at the Center. He initiated a Peace and Reconciliation Journalism Project that saw Rongo University partner with Park University Center for Global Peace Journalism, United States to train regional practicing radio journalists in Kenya on peace reporting. As a major development from the three-day training seminar and in the interest of reaching out to the community with peace-building messages, the Center is collaborating with a local community radio station to run a weekly peace and reconciliation journalism radio program.

The program will go a long way in encouraging multi-ethnic communities around Migori County to live peacefully to avoid hostility either driven by political intolerance, conflict over scarce resources and border disputes fitting well into one of the pillars of Kenya's Vision 2030 that intends to build a secure, peaceful and democratic society.

The recently trained radio broadcasters are reaching out to the community through peace radio program in their affiliate radio stations. Subject to funding, the center intends to make the peace and reconciliation radio reporting workshop an annual event. The recently concluded peace and reconciliation journalism training workshop was conducted by the Director for the Center for Global Peace Journalism, Prof. Steve Youngblood and the Director for the Center for Media, Democracy, Peace & security, Dr. Fredrick Ogenga from the 13th -16th of October at the Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security in Rongo University. The lecture content featured, but was not limited to the following issues:

Introduction to Peace Journalism-characteristics, applications;
Peace and Electoral Journalism;
Reporting Fundamentals: Accuracy, Objectivity, Balance;
Reconciliation fundamentals; journalism vis-à-vis reconciliation
Ethical Responsibilities and realities; Developing the framework for a cross-border peace journalism press club;
Local media content analysis
Case studies-from India/Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, elsewhere about responsible/irresponsible reporting;
Hate Radio in East Africa;
Conflict analysis.
Reporting about the vulnerable—refugees and asylum seekers, Social Media and Peace Journalism

Regional Journalists from Radio Sayari, Kisima FM, Equator FM and Ugwe FM were trained (hands-on) about peace and reconciliation reporting where they each produced a five minutes Peace Journalism news report that was aired live on a Local Community Radio Station (Ugwe FM) after which they were awarded certificates of participation.