Name                     Prof. Samuel Gudu

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Curriculum Vitae      Prof. Samuel Gudu CVCV

Position: Principal, Rongo University College (2012- to-Date) Formerly Deputy Vice Chancellor (Planning and Development), Moi University (2002 2012)

Academic Qualifications: BSc (Agric) 1983, University of Nairobi. MSc (Genetics and Plant Breeding) 1987, University of Nairobi. PhD (Genetics in Molecular Biology ) 1993, University of Guelph, Canada.

Academic Experience

Professor (2003 to date) of Genetics and Biotechnology, Department of Biological Sciences, Moi University; Associate Professor (1999 2003) of Genetics and Biotechnology, Moi University; Senior Lecturer (1995 1999) in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Moi University; Lecturer (1989 1995) in Genetics and Evolution, Moi University; Assistant Lecturer (1988 1989), in Genetics and Evolution, Moi University; Tutorial Fellow (1987 1988), Moi University; Part-time Lecturer (1986), Department of Botany, Moi University; Graduate Assistant (1985 1986), University of Nairobi; and Agricultural Research Officer II (1983), Ministry of Agriculture, Perkerra Agric. Research Station

Name                     Prof. Abu Bah

Vice Chairman Board of Directors                  


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Curriculum Vitae      Abu Bah CVCV

Abu Bah is Associate Professor of Sociology at Northern Illinois University and Faculty Associate at the Center for NGO Leadership and Development. He is also Editor-in-Chief of African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review published by Indiana University Press and the author of Breakdown and Reconstitution: Democracy, the Nation-State, and Ethnicity in Nigeria. His research work deals with human security and human development issues, especially in the areas of good governance, violent political conflicts, humanitarian intervention, democracy, international NGOs/intergovernmental organizations, and postwar reconstruction. His most recent works have been published in journals such as Journal of International Peacekeeping, African Affairs, Critical Sociology, International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, and Africa Today. He is currently completing his second book on international state-building in West Africa.

Abu Bah is a recipient of the 2014 Carnegie Foundation African Diaspora Fellowship and the 2012 Council of American Overseas Research Centers Multi-Country Research Fellowship. He is a frequent guest on international media programs such as Al Jazeera America and China Radio International.

Name                     Dr. Fredrick Ogenga



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Curriculum Vitae      Fredrick Ogenga CVCV

Fredrick O. Ogenga, Ph.D, Head of Department, Communication, Media and Journalism at Rongo University College and Director, Center for Media, Democracy, Peace & Security. He is a member of Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB) Pittsburgh (USA),Africa Peacebuilding Network(APN) and former visiting scholar at the Institute for the Advancement of Social Sciences (IASS), Boston University (USA).Ogenga is a 2014 Africa Peacebuilding Network grantee and a 2014 beneficiary of The Carnegie Africa, Diaspora Felowship (ADF). This summer (2015),Ogenga has been appointed a Visiting Researcher at the African Studies Center (ASC), Boston University. He has published in the field of Media and Elections, Democracy and Governance, Peace and Conflict, Including Media and Terrorism, Gender and HIV/AIDS. Some of his publications are as summarized below:

  1. Ogenga, F 2014. South Africa's Press Representation of Zimbabwe's Economic Crisis and Fears of a Regional Bubble, 2000-2008. Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication. Vol. 4 No. 4
  2. Ogenga, F. 2014. Assessing Peace Journalism on Kenya Television Network's Diaspora Voices in the 2013 Elections. Africa Journal of Democracy and Governance, Vol. 1No 2.
  3. Ogenga, F. 2013. The Daily Nation Coverage of The Hague Trials and the Construction of Peace Discourses in Kenya. Africa Conflict and Peace Building Review. Vo. 3 No 1 Spring 2013
  4. Ogenga, F. 2014. Visual Semiotics and the National Flag: a Kenyan Perspective of Anglo-American Globe-cultural Domination through Mainstream Music Videos. Semiotica, 2014; 202: 533553
  5. Ogenga, F. 2014. Fast-track Progam, Electoral Land-grab or Local South African Press Expressing Fears of a Zimbabwe in South Africa? The Representation of Zimbabwe's Economic Crisis.Africa Media and Democracy Journal. Vol. 1 Issue 1.
  6. Ogenga, F. 2012. Is Peace Journalism Possible in the War Against Terror? The Daily Nation and the Standard Representation of Operation Linda Nchi in Somalia. Conflict and Communication Online Volume 11 No 2. October 2012
  7. Ogenga, F. 2011.Mugabe Must Go: The South African Press Representation of the Zimbabwean Crisis. African Conflict and Peace Building Review, Indiana University Press. Vol. 1 No. 1
  8. Ogenga, F. 2010. Political-Economy of the Kenyan Media; Towards a Culture of Active Citizen Journalism, Global Media Journal, African Edition 2010 Vol. 4 (2).
  9. Ogenga, F. 2008. The role of the Kenyan Media in the 2007 Elections. Journal of African Elections, Special Issue .Kenya. V. 7 No. 2 October 2008.

He is currently working on three books titled:

  1. Africa's Media, Democracy and the Politics of Representation. Forthcoming;
  2. The Press and Deconstruction of Violence in the Context of Terrorism for Long Lasting Peace and Security in Kenya. Forthcoming;
  3. Agenda Setting and Beyond? Peacebuilding in Kenya's Project of Nationalism Through Eric Wainaina'sDaima Song. Forthcoming;

Name                     Prof. Steve Youngblood

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Curriculum Vitae      Young Blood CVCV


Steven Youngblood is the director of the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University. He has taught Peace Journalism in Cyprus, the Republic of Georgia, Kenya, the Bronx, NY, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Turkey, South Africa, and Uganda. Currently, Youngblood is coordinating and teaching a U.S. State Department sponsored project in Turkey titled, Reporting Syrian Refugees: Building Communities of Understanding. Previously, he directed and taught a comprehensive Peace and electoral journalism project (sponsored by USAID and the State Dept.) in Uganda in 2010-11. Using a second a second major State Dept. grant, Youngblood directed and taught a peace media and anti-terrorism project in Uganda in 2012-13. He is a two time J. William Fulbright Scholar (Moldova 2001, Azerbaijan 2007). Youngblood has lectured/taught in 12 countries for the U.S. State Department, UNICEF, and People to People International.

Youngblood launched the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University in 2012. The center promotes the concepts of peace and peace journalism, including advocating non-violent conflict resolution, through seminars and courses both in the U.S. and abroad, through its website and semi-annual magazine, and through partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals.

Name                     Gloria Laker

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Curriculum Vitae      Gloria Laker CVCV

Gloria Laker Aciro is a former war reporter, having covered the Lord's Resistance Army conflicts in Northern Uganda where she reported from on the war for the New Vision and Capital Radio. Today, she heads the Peace Journalism Foundation of East Africa a Peace Media NGO and she is reporting on the post war development and recovery of Northern Uganda. In 2008 Laker won a BBC Communicating justice Radio project in Uganda with a story on the lives of former LRA child mothers. From 2009 to 2013, Laker worked as a peace media training assistant as well as series of US State Department Media Projects in Uganda and in 2012 in Kenya. Laker is believed to have contributed to the current peace in her homeland Acholi through positive reporting. She is a guest lecturer at Park University in USA where she appears frequently via Video link. She has mentored several Ugandan and Kenya radio journalists. Laker holds a BA Degree in Journalism and Mass communication from Ndejje University of Uganda and a diploma in Journalism from UMCAT school of Journalism in Uganda. She is an active member member of the Uganda Media women Association which mentor Ugandan female journalists.

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