Prof. Abu Bah

This project is to expand on a previous project sponsored under the Carnegie Foundation African Diaspora Fellowship administered by the International Institute of Education and Quinnipiac University in 2014. The Carnegie Foundation African Diaspora Fellowship was awarded to Professor Abu Bah at Northern Illinois University Dr. Fredrick Ogenga at Rongo University to support curriculum development for a graduate program on Media, Democracy and Peace Studies at Rongo University. Professor Bah stayed at Rongo University in Kenya from 5th to 26th June 2014. He and Dr. Ogenga completed the project by developing and implementing a curriculum for a MA degree and graduate certificate in media, democracy, peace and security at Rongo University. Both degree and certificate programs are currently running at Rongo University.

Based on the successful implementation of the MA and certificate programs, Professor Bah and Dr. Ogenga initiated a new collaborative project to develop a center for the study of media, democracy, and peace to support the MA program and promote collaborative research and policy discourses on issues of media, democracy, and peace in Africa. On 3rd November, 2014, the Board of Rongo University approved the establishment of the Center for Media, Democracy, Peace, and Secuty (CMDPS) at Rongo University and appointed Dr. Ogenga as the Director of CMDPS and Professor Bah as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of CMDPS. Professor Samuel Gudu, Principal of Rongo University is the Chair of the Board of Directors of CMDPS.

The proposed project on Post-conflict Institutional Designs: Peacebuilding, Democracy, and Human Development in Sierra Leone and Kenya is to advance the research and curriculum mission of CMDPS. The research project will provide opportunities to mentor graduate students who will serve as research assistants and further the collaboration between Professor Bah and scholars based at Rongo University and provide avenues comparative research on Kenya and Sierra Leone. This proposal seeks funding to build and strengthen the capacity of the Center and Rongo University by borrowing experiences from Sierra Leone and their post-conflict institutional experience as far as peacebuilding, human development and democracy is concerned.