MSc  in Media and Security Studies 

This MSc Program is multidisciplinary, focusing on the role the media technologies in peace and security. The program recognises the rapid technological advancement and its centrality in conflict transformation through digital peacebuilding. It also provides insight into practical and policy approaches to new global security challenges and security governance paradigms for peacebuilding. 

PhD in Media and Security Studies

This multidisciplinary doctoral program focuses on the political-economy of the global information ecology and how new media technologies such as social media,through Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, play key roles in shaping and representing ideas on peace and security materially experienced today in the context of global fragility. The program trains learners to be innovators in seeking and inventing global peace and security solutions through research and practice

Both programs are offered at the School of Information Communication and Media Studies and coordinated at the Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security.