Brief about ICT
The Department falls under the Office of the Vice Chancellor of the University.
Welcome to Rongo University ICT Department.
The Department plays a central role of providing clear guidance in the integration of technology in teaching, learning, research and overall administration of the university. The department ensures that IT infrastructure, service delivery norms and new applications deployments are in line with current industry trends and that the systems put in place add true value to the university.

The Department’s Vision
To be a driving force behind Rongo University’s achieving its vision of being a world class technology driven University in learning and practice”. Our mission is to provide excellent ICT services to support teaching, Learning, research and management in the university. Our Department’s core values are integrity, freedom to succeed and transparency.



1. To develop ICT policies, procedures and guidelines for the University.
2. To provide technical support, development and management of ICT infrastructure in terms ICT hardware and software, servers and data storage.
3. To maintain smooth running of the University ICT network and related systems.
4. To support the automation of key University services for enhanced efficiency.
5. To develop ICT plan for the University
6. To ensure ICT system security
7. To design, develop, maintain and update the University website and multimedia platforms

Services Offered

Service Delivery and Support
This section is charged with ensuring the availability of IT applications and user support administration across various campuses of the University.

System Development and Maintenance:
The section manages innovations, new application development and system implementation or rollout.

Infrastructure – Networks:
This arm of the department ensures consistent network availability and manages bandwidth allocation to users. It also ensures that our IT resources are safeguarded against any form of attacks.

Ongoing Projects