Organs of Governance

The University is governed by several organs including Office of the Chancellor; The University Council, Senate, Management Board, School Board and Departmental boards together with the Student Association. These bodies ensure fulfilment of the University Vision and Mission and manage its operations and academic affairs. See Appendix 1 for the organization structure.

Office of the Chancellor

The Chancellor is the titular head of the University and draws its functions from Universities Act 2012. The University Chancellor is Prof. Mohamed Yusuf Elmi


The University has 9-member Council appointed based on the Universities Act 2012 and Mwongozo. The Council is the governing body of the University mandated by the Government as the custodian of assets and responsible for resource allocation and development of the institution. It ensures that proper management structures are in place.  It gives the overall policy direction for the University and ensures compliance with all the relevant laws, regulations, governance practices, accounting and auditing standards amongst other functions.

The list of the current Council members are given below:

Management Board

Management Board is in charge of co-ordination of the University strategic and development plans; efficient management of the University’s human, physical and financial resources; and making proposals to the Council and the Senate on policies that have application across the entire University. The Board is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Board comprises of 5 members namely: Prof. Samuel Gudu (Vice-Chancellor), Prof. Eng. Stanley Shitote (Deputy Vice-Chancellor-Administration, Finance and Planning), Prof. Agustino Onkware (Deputy Vice-Chancellor -Academic and Student Affairs), Ms. Janet Chumba (Finance Officer) and Mr. John Oluoch (Director – PSSP)


Senate controls and provides the general direction on admissions, research, instruction and examinations and of the award of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic qualifications. It is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor with membership including the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Directors, Heads of Academic and Administrative Departments, Schools, Unions and Students Association representatives.

School Board

The school board comprises all academic staff of the school chaired by the Dean and is responsible for academic activities of the School including teaching, curriculum development, and examinations, among others.

School Management Boards

The School Management Board comprises the academic Head of Departments and the Dean of the School. It is chaired by the Dean and handles all administrative issues within the School.

Departmental Boards

Departmental Board comprises the academic members of the Department and chaired by the Head of Department. It deals with all academic and administrative issues within the Department.

Student Association

The University has Students Association which was established to perform such functions provided by the Universities Act 2012.

The list of officials of the Executive Council of the Students Association in 2018/19 Academic Year are presented in Table 1.2. below:

The University Administrative Structure

The administrative structure comprises Office of the Chairperson of Council, the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Directors, Deans, Finance Officer, University Librarian, Registrars and Heads of academic and non-academic Departments and units. See Appendix 2 for the administrative structure.