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Rongo University established a unit of Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL)  to accord educational opportunities to learners who for some reason are not able to attend residential courses on campus.

The unit has borrowed from best practices worldwide to roll out programs that focus on quality in material development and delivery, enhanced learner satisfaction and efficient and effective service delivery. Open Distance and e-Learning students at Rongo University will receive the same quality of education as those on campus. In addition, the ODeL unit has set up structures to maximize interactions between learners and their lecturers and also to ensure that distance learning students can interact among themselves, be active participants in the vibrant University life and access all University services including library, counseling, academic advising and career information.

The Rongo University Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) admitted its new batch of students on the 15th January 2015. The students were registered and orientated as well as given their Self Learning Material after attending the first face to face tutorials held on 16th to 18th January 2015.

ODeL runs Programs from the school of Arts & Social Sciences, School of Education and School of Business and Human resource Development.

Profile of Director


Name: Prof Wilson A.P.Otengah

Position/Designation: Director ODeL

Contact: otengahwilsonn@gmail.com


Prof. Wilson A. P. Otengahis an Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Rongo University Kenya. He is currently the Director of Open Distance and e-Learning. Otengah has 21 years’ experience in teaching both Undergraduate and Post graduate classes in Sociology, Social Work and Community Development. He has supervised over thirty five Post graduate students to completion during this period.

Prof. Otengah holds PhD in Developmental Administration in Sociology, M.A. Sociology,and Post Graduate Dip in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work and Community Development and B.A. Sociology.

He has been appointed Board of internal Examiners for PhD Thesis “Indicators of

                   mental Status

of University students at the onset of unrest: A case of Kisii University Kenya” Eliud

         Oure Oyoo.

And Master Thesis; Effects of knowledge Management Practices on organizational

Performance; A case of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Migori County both in

         the year

2017 in October and September respectively. He currently serve as an external

       examiner at

Karatina University in the School of Education and Social Sciences. And Kenyatta


School of Art and Social Sciences.

As the Director; Prof. Otengah has helped establish Rongo University ODEL learning centre in Sori town and currently he is establishing another ODeL learning centre in Wajir county Kenya.

Research interest:

Prof. Otengah has conducted extensive research on:

  1. Factors influencing the capacity building effort in rural community development.
  2. Social issues related to scavenging waste management.

Ongoing research projects

Prof. Otengah has won various regional and national competition research grants award. He has been the Principal Investigator and Co- Principal investigator in regional and national research consortia. Currently he is:-

  • The Principal Investigator of a project entitled: Abuse of alcohol by male heads of households and its socio- Economic effects on the family.
  • A team member of a project entitled: Analysis of the initiatives of the community in the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.


Prof. Wilson A.P. Otengah has published widely in Refereed Journals, technical reports, chapters in books, modules and has participated in various seminar and conferences and has contributed papers in the conferences and workshops. A sample of his recent publications amongst others are listed below:

  1. HIV Health Seeking Behaviour Patterns: Perspective of Male Boda-Boda Operators in Homa- Bay County, Kenya. International Journal of Scientific and Management Research
  2.       Volume 2 Issue 3 (May – June) 2019. ISSN: 2581-6888.
  3. Health System Responsiveness To Elderly Optimal Aging In Rachuonyo        North Sub-County Of Homa-Bay County, Kenya. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS). Volume 23, issue 10, ver. 7(October. 2018) 40-48 e-issn: 2279, p 2279-0845.www.iosrjournals.org
  4. Parental Involvement in Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: A Study of Nyatike Sub County, Migori County- Kenya. International Journal of Research Innovative Studies. Vol. 5 issue 9, Sept. 2018. ISSN: 2394-4404
  5. Patterns Of Utilization of Uwezo Fund in Rongo Sub-County, Migori County, Kenya. International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies. Vol. 5 Issue 9, Sept. 2018. ISSN: 2394-4404
  6. Drivers of HIV Preventive Service Uptake among Boda-Boda Operators in Homa-Bay Town. Kenya. International journal of innovative Research Advanced Studies (IJIRAS) Vol 5 Issue 9, Sept 2018. ISSN 2394-4404
  7. Influence Of Instructional Practices On Play-Based Activities In Pre-School Curriculum Implement In Homa-Bay County, Kenya. IOSR journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IOSR-JHSS) e- ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. VOL. 23 Issue 9 Ver. 3 (Sept. 2018). 04-16


  1. Influence Of Teacher Perception on Play-Based Activities in Pre-School Curriculum Implementation in Homa-Bay County. International journal of humanities and social invention. (IJHSSI) ISSN (online):2319-7722, ISSN (print): 2319-7714. www.ijhssi.org// vol. 7 issue 09 Ver.i// Sept. 2018// pg 62-72.
  2. Influence of Classroom Environmental Characteristics on Play Based Activities in Pre-School Curriculum Implementation in Homa-Bay County. Kenya. Internal Journal Of Humanities And Social Science {e-ISSN:2279-0837, p- ISSN: 2279-0845}. 2018 Vol. 23 Issue 5, May 2018. Pg 42-53
  3. In consultancy he has participated in Developing Migori County HIV/AIDS strategic Plan 2015/16-2018/2019.
  4. At the present Prof. Otengah is associated with a professional academic body; Kenya Association of Gerontology and Geriatric registration number 0029. His fields of interest are; Social Research, Rural Sociology, Gerontology, Disaster Management and Conflict Resolution and Developmental Administration.

Prof. Otengah’s CV

Distance Learning Board

RU has established an Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) Academic Board to play an

oversight role on the quality of academic programs. The Board is comprised of distinguished

scholars with vast experience in University education and administration

Dr. Wilson Otengah – Chairman

Dr. Otengah is the current Coordinator of the Rongo University College ODeL program. He

holds a PhD in Developmental Administration, a Master of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Post

Graduate Diploma in Social Work, a Post Graduate diploma in Education and a Bachelors degree

in Sociology. He is a senior Lecturer of Sociology, Community development and Public

Administration, with extensive teaching experience at the University level. He previously taught

at Kenyatta University from 1997 to 2013, and was assistant director of Open Distance and e

learning of Kenyatta University bringing with him the rich experience of ODeL to Rongo

University College, which will be a major resource base for the RUC ODeL program. While at

Kenyatta University, he served as Departmental Chairman of the Board of Post Graduate

Studies, member of the School of Humanities Board of Post Graduate Studies, and managed the

Sociology Department’s resource center. He has extensive experience in the planning and

facilitation of corporate training. He is widely published with vast experience as a researcher and


Kembo Sure – PhD (Moi), M.A (Leeds), B.Ed (UON),

Kembo Sure is a Professor of linguistics, currently on sabbatical from Moi University. He has

extensive experience in research in the areas of Language Planning; Language and Ethnicity; as

well as Linguistic Human Rights. He is widely published and serves on several Editorial Boards

in international journals. He is a distinguished manuscript reader for International publishers and


Dr. Henry D S Kinya – Member

Dr. Kinya is the Head of the Department Library and Information Science, in the School of

Information, Communication and Media Studies. Previously, He was Senior Librarian at Africa

Nazarene University- Nairobi, Kenya. He worked as Manager of Documentation and Office

Services at Kenya Shell limited for a period of 9 years. Dr. Kinya is a trained library and

information scientist, and has published one book, seven research papers and presented four

papers at international conferences. He is a member of the Library and Information Association

of South Africa (LIASA), America Library Association, Leadership in information science

Forum (LIS) and Kenya National Library Association (KLA). He holds a PhD degree in library

and information science.

Phoebe Owiti (CText ATI)- Member

Phoebe a Lecturer of Fashion Design and Textile Technology in the School of Science,

Technology and Engineering. Her PhD research focuses on developing new methods of learning

and teaching using 3D scanning, 3D graphics software and 3D CAD/CAM applications in

Fashion and Textile Technology. She graduated from University of Huddersfield, UK with an

MA in Fashion Design and Textiles, and is a holder of a Post Graduate Diploma in Education

(Curriculum Design, Development, Instruction in Multi- Media Technology, Fashion Design and

Textile Technology); a Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design and Textile Technology;

and a BSc. in Fashion Design and Textiles. She is a Chartered Associate of The Textile Institute

International (CText ATI) U.K and a Fellow of Fashion Group International, US. She has fifteen

years of teaching experience in Universities in Kenya and Internationally. She has worked

as a Lecturer of Apparel and Fashion Design at the University of Eldoret, Kenya; an Assistant

Lecturer of Fashion Design and Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; a Research

Assistant in New Technologies in Fashion and Textiles at Manchester College of Arts and

Technology (MANCAT) Moston Campus, UK.

Dr. John Oluoch – Member

Mr. John Oluoch is currently the Director Privately Sponsored Students Programmes (PSSP)

at Rongo University College. He is a PhD Candidate in Communication Studies at Rongo

University College (A Constituent College of Moi University). Mr. Oluoch has been a member

of the Management Board of Rongo University College since June 2012. He brings with him

vast administration skills, having served as an administrative officer in different departments at

Moi University.

Elisha Osio Omoso – Member

Elisha is currently an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Education at RUC. He holds an MSc in

Educational Science and Technology (Specialization: Curriculum, instruction and Media

Applications) from University of Twente, The Netherlands, a First Class Honors Degree in

Education (Mathematics and Geography) and a Certificate in Web Design . He also has over 6

years of experience in teaching and administration.

Dr. Taji Shivachi – Member

Taji holds a Masters Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International

Relations. He has vast experience in Education Administration, having served as a principal and

Head of Department in different colleges. He has extensive experience in Project Management,

Research and training. He has designed and facilitated several corporate training programs for

private sector, Governmental and non Governmental organizations. He has taught at higher

education level for more than eight years.




Currently Rongo University Open Distance and e-Learning mode offers the following programmes:-

  1. Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies
  2. Bachelors of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education (ECPE)
  3. Bachelors of Education in Special Needs Education (SNE)
  4. Bachelors of Science in Project Planning and Management
  5. Master of Art in Sociology

Holding on the ‘’MOTO’’ ‘Flexible Education At Your Convenience” Rongo University ODeL mode is growing in students’ number and programmes.


The ODeL Directorate,

Rongo University,
P.O. Box 103-40404

Tel: 0715 803 546 | 0725 405 295 | 0721 151 152