About the Department

This is the teacher training department in the School of Education. Our core focus is training teachers in interactive learner centered methods of teaching; Curriculum development; and inducting them into modern educational media and resources to enable them become effective implementers of the school curricula. We produce high quality teachers who are firmly grounded in educational theory, pedagogy and practice. We take our student teachers through vigorous media practicals and Micro teaching practicals. The department also conducts Teaching Practice for all student teachers to expose them to authentic teaching/ learning environments. We have a vibrant highly qualified team of seven members of academic staff. These include: Dr. Jane Kembo (Dean, School of Education); Prof. Florence Odera; Dr. Ombito Elizabeth Khalili; Dr. Karren Atieno Oyiengo; Dr. Nick Waswa Namunga, Dr. Richard Ongowo and Mr. Elisha Omoso.

Staff Profile

Dr. KhaliliName: Dr. Ombito Elizabeth Khalili
Position/Designation: Head of Department
Contacts: 0723 333158 Email:

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NamugaName:Dr. Nick Waswa  Namunga

Position/Designation: Lecturer


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Ongoing Research