Dr. Jerry Agalo: Dean, School of Information & Communication Studies

Academic Profile of the Dean

  • Diploma in Media Studies and Linguistics: University of London, UK
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Media Studies and Linguistics: University of Wales, UK
  • Masters in Education: University of Wales, UK
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics: University of Pittsburgh, US and Moi University

CV for Dean Infocoms


A school that fosters Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio- Economic development.


To develop critical awareness of the rise of network society and the enormous influence information technologies have on consumer culture and emerging knowledge economy.


We live in a knowledge economy and networked society where communication system compete ,our identities threatened, and our knowledge of major political, social and cultural happenings constantly challenged. we need therefore, to ask fundamental questions about how the ability of technological transformation is creating an interface between technological fields through common digital language in which information is generated, stored, retrieved, processed and transmitted. We experience today a global economy characterized by new modes of information flow and cultural communication.The school provides courses for talent and skills for the rising network society characterized by electronic – based information technologies using digital language for global communication and in commercial, scientific and civil applications. The perspective is to provide trained man power under the impact of information technologies in research, offices, industrial plants and services.


The objectives of the school include:

  • to re skill students for present day information economy.
  • to bring awareness of the rising intricacies of networked society.
  • to acquire practical skills in computer networking and digital communication.
  • to acquaint the students with principles of management of information systems and services.





Dr. Henry Kinya, Head of Department

1. Certificates:

Certificate in Library Studies and Information Technology

Certificate in Health Records and Information Management

2. Diploma:

Diploma in Library and Information Studies

Diploma in Health Records and Information Management

3. Undergraduate:

Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Management

Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management

4. Masters:

Masters in Health Informatics

Masters in Information Technology

C.V of Dr. Kinya




Dr. Fredrick Ogenga, Head of Department

Biography :

Dr. Ogenga is a Professor of Communication and Media Studies, the Head of the Department of Communication, Journalism and Media Studies, Rongo University, Kenya and the Founding Director, Center for Media, Democracy, Peace & Security (CMDPS). He writes expert commentaries for the Daily Nation and Standard mainstream newspapers in Kenya, has been quoted by leading global news outlets such as the Voice of America (VOA) and participated in a UN policy round table on Media Representations of (in) Security in Africa. He has contributed several peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles on media, elections, conflict, de-radicalization and peacebuilding in Africa in journals such as Journal of African Elections, Africa Conflict and Peace-building Review, Conflict and Communication Online, Media and Democracy Journal, Global Media Journal, Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication, Africa Journal of Democracy and Governance, Congo Afrique, Semiotica – Global Journal of Semiotics among others. Dr. Ogenga is a beneficiary of the 2014 and 2016 Africa Diaspora Fellowship (ADF), recipient of the 2014 Africa Peacebuilding Network (APN) Research Grant, Carnegie Fund for Conference Attendance and APN’s 2017 East Africa Media Training Workshop Grant. He is also a recipient of the 2016 Southern Voices Network for Peace building Scholarship (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, USA). Ogenga has worked as a Visiting Scholar on Media and Sociology at the Institute for the Advancement of Social Sciences (IASS), Boston University, USA and was appointed a Visiting Researcher at the African Studies Center, Boston University, in 2015. Currently, he has been appointed as a member of the International Panel for Exiting Violence (IPEV). At Rongo University’s Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security, Ogenga is championing a pan-African journalistic institutional approach as a means of preventing violent conflict. The approach is premised on Hybrid Peace Journalism (HPJ) pan-African philosophical and methodological gnosis to media representation of conflict and peacebuilding.in Africa anchored on Utu or Humanity, Umoja or Unity and Harambee or collective belonging.

Academic qualifications and Fellowships summary as follows
  • BA Communication and Media Technology, Maseno University
  • MA in Communication and Journalism, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • PhD in Media Studies, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Visiting Scholarship, Institute for the Advancement of Social Sciences, Boston University and Boston University African Studies Center (BUASC), USA
  • Visiting Professor, Institute for Policy Research, University of Berth, UK
  • Southern Voices Network for Peacebuilding Scholarship, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C, USA


  • Interdenominational Dialogue on Violent Extremism (iDove) collaboration between Rongo University CMDPS and AU-GIZ


  • International Panel on Exiting Violence IPEV research on “Devadicalization- A Comparative Perspective”


  • Southern Voices Network for Peacebuilding through scholarships program and Africa- up close publication


  • Young Researchers Mentorship program between Rongo University CMDPS and National Crime Research Center


  • Africa Peacebuilding Network on (APN) Countering violent extremism through publications on ‘Kujenga Amani’




1. Diploma

Diploma in Media and Journalism with IT

Diploma in Public Relations

Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

2. Undergraduate

Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies with specialization in Journalism or Public Relations

3. Masters

Masters in Communication Studies (Options: Public Relation or Journalism)

4. Postgraduate

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies



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