Dr. Jerry Agalo: Dean, School of Information & Communication Studies

Academic Profile of the Dean

  • Diploma in Media Studies and Linguistics: University of London, UK
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Media Studies and Linguistics: University of Wales, UK
  • Masters in Education: University of Wales, UK
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics: University of Pittsburgh, US and Moi University

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A school that fosters Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio- Economic         development.


To develop critical awareness of the rise of network society and the enormous influence information technologies have on consumer culture and emerging knowledge economy.


We live in a knowledge economy and networked society where communication system compete ,our identities threatened, and our knowledge of major political, social and cultural happenings constantly challenged. we need therefore, to ask fundamental questions about how the ability of technological transformation is creating an interface between technological fields through common digital language in which information is generated, stored, retrieved, processed and transmitted. We experience today a global economy characterized by new modes of information flow and cultural communication.The school provides courses for talent and skills for the rising network society characterized by electronic – based information technologies using digital language for global communication and in commercial, scientific and civil applications. The perspective is to provide trained man power under the impact of information technologies in research, offices, industrial plants and services.


The objectives of the school include:

  • to re skill students for present day information economy.
  • to bring awareness of the rising intricacies  of networked society.
  • to acquire practical skills in computer networking and digital communication.
  • to acquaint the students with principles of management of information systems and services.


  • Department of communication, Journalism and Media Studies
  • Department of Information Studies
The Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security (CMDPS) was established in the Department of Communication, Journalism & Media Studies, School of Information, Communication & Media Studies by Dr. Fredrick O. Ogenga, Founding Director. The Center is designed to conduct high quality research in media, democracy, peace and security and generate knowledge consistent with Rongo University  vision of nurturing research, innovation and outreach initiatives for the betterment of communities both locally, nationally and internationally.The university  supports and recognizes the establishment of the Center and has got a lot of expectations from it going by its mission of community outreach.

Programmes Offered


  • PhD in Communication Studies
  • PhD in Communication and Public Relations
  • MSc in Communication and Journalism.
  • MSc in Graphics and Advertising.
  • MSc in Communication and Public Relation.
  • MSc in Linguistics, Media and Communication with IT
  • MSc in Information Sciences.
  • MSc in Informatics.


  • BSc in Communication and Journalism.
  • BSc in Graphics and Advertising.
  • BSc in Communication and Public Relation.
  • B.A in Linguistics, Media and Communication with IT
  • BSc in Information Sciences.
  • BSc in Informatics.


  • Diploma in Media and Journalism with IT
  • Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


  • Certificate in Library Studies with IT

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Contact Information

Dean School of Information, Communication & Media Studies 
Rongo University,
P.O. Box 103-40404, RONGO
Email: dean-infocoms@ruongovarsity.ac.ke