Finance Officer

Finance Officer

Name: Ms Janet Chumba

Position:   Finance Officer     

Rongo University, Finance Department

The Finance Department at Rongo University provides central financial services essential to supporting the students, schools and University, as well as external partners. Our primary functions include the offices of Budget and Budgetary Control, Student Finance, Creditors, Debtors, Payroll, Personal Claims, Payroll, Final Accounts and Cash.

We are a cohesive team, driven to serve our customers. In addition to conducting centralized operations, our goal is to enable the success of a broader finance network of administrators across the University. To that end, we strive for operational efficiency and strong internal controls in our department, we provide tools and training to financial staff across the University, and we enable the use of financial data for effective decision-making across the institution.

Through our technical expertise, leadership in the management of the resources of the University, and commitment to customer service, we aim to develop a foundation of operational excellence and compliance, and to enable the University to fulfill its mission and goals.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff in the department for the support they have accorded me during this period, and look forward for the same in the future.  I am optimistic that with your support and the team spirit we have built, we shall realize our vision.

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