Council Members

Chairperson to Council

Dr. Rachael Masake

Chairperson to Council

Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD in Immunoparasitology/Immunopathology
  • MSc in Functional Anatomy
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science
  • Widely published in refereed journals.

Work Experience:

Has over forty years of research, practical and fieldwork experience in Livestock Management, Animal Health and Community Development. In the Greater Horn of Africa, Dr. Masake has been involved in various aspects of agricultural production and marketing, including but not limited to, livestock production, value chain analysis, development of standard operating procedures for disease diagnosis of transboundary animal diseases affecting trade; drought resilience and sustainable livelihoods programme.

Furthermore, she has been involved in policy formulation, feasibility studies, benchmarking, standardizations, evaluations and review of public and private sector programs and projects.  Currently she is a consultant in the field of food security and livestock based livelihoods. In terms of social responsibility, she has served in management and trustee boards, 2 university councils, and participated in trainings on corporate governance.


George Onyango Ochiri 002
Dr. George Onyango Ochiri

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management
  • MSc. Logistics and Procurement
  • B.A. Arts
  • Member of ICPAK and KISM

Work Experience

Has 18 years working experience serving in various organizations/capacities

  • CEO, Safaricom Sacco LTD
  • Warehouse & Distribution Team Leader & Accountant, Longhorn Kenya Ltd,
  • Sacco Manager, Maisha Bora Sacco,

William Bill Omoding 001
Mr. William Bill Omoding

Academic Qualification

  • M.A. Development studies
  • B.A. Development Studies

Work  Experience

Has 35 years working experience in the Banking Industry

  • Trustee, CBK Pension Fund
  • Branch Manager , Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sales Service Manager & Service Operations Roles, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Director, Ag. Chairman and member of various Committees, Lake Basin Development Authority.

Shem Nyakutu
Mr. Shem Nyakutu
Representative of the Principal Secretary – The National Treasury

Academic Qualification:

  • MSc. Finance
  • B.A. Geography & Sociology
  • LLB

Work  Experience

Has worked in the Public Service for over 25 years at the Ministry of Lands and The National Treasury

  • Currently Director of Pensions at the National Treasury
  • Deputy Director of Pensions at The National Treasury
  • Secretary Defence Forces Pensions Assessment Board
  • Deputizes the CEO at the National Treasury
  • Representative of the CS, National Treasury at Rongo University, Pwani University Council

David Lusoka Mshila 001

Mr. David Lusoka Mshila


Academic Qualification

  • M.A. Urban, Social & Environmental Programs
  • B.A. Mathematics & Social Sciences

Work Experience

Has over 40 years working experience in urban, regional & rural development in Kenya for the Government of Kenya, German International Cooperation (GIZ) & the community in both rural & urban areas.

  • Senior Economist Ministry of Planning & National Development
  • Senior Advisor GIZ PSDA Programme
  • Project Manager/Advisor Jugend Sozial Werk Nordhausen /GTZ/GOK
  • Regional Planner Lake Basin Development Authority
  • Project Coordinator/urban planning advisor MLG/GTZ, Small Towns Development Project
  • Programme Coordinator, GTZ Health Sector Programme
  • County Director German Foundation for World Population(DSW)
  • Freelance Consultant Human Settlement Services
  • Physical Planning Officer Ministry of Lands & Settlement

Ms. Cathrine Nkirote

Ms. Catherine Nkirote Mputhia


Academic qualification

  • LLM – International Commercial Law – University of Salford Manchester
  • MBA Strategic Management
  • LLB
  • Diploma in Law ( KSL)
  • Advocate of the High Court of Kenya
  • Patent Agent ( K.I.P.I)
  • Certified Professional Mediator (CPM-MTI).

Work Experience

Has 13 years working experience as an Advocate consulting in intellectual property and commercial law

  • Managing Partner C. Mputhia Advocates
  • Independent Director, African Investment Bank Capital Ltd
  • Business Law columnist Nation Media Limited ( Business Daily)

kenneth kiprono kisang 001

Mr. Kenneth Kisang Kiprono


Academic Qualification

  • MBA Management Information System(MIS)
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Business Administration

Work  Experience

Has 11 years working experience at Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd

  • ICT Security Manager
  • ICT Audit & Risk Manager
  • Country Manager, Internal Audit & Risk
  • Associate IT/Operations Consultant, Jacca Consulting TE Ltd
  • Council Member, Embu University College



Mr. Ezra O. Magati
Representing the PS, Ministry of Education

Academic qualification

  • Masters of Commerce Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce

Has over 15 years work experience as:

  • Senior Finance Officer former Local Government Ministry & EAC, Commerce and Tourism, Trade Ministries

Currently in the Ministry of Education in the State Department for University Education. Rep. PS. Rongo University Council.


Prof. Samuel Gudu


Work Experience:
Prof. Samuel Gudu is a world renowned scientist and a full Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding, having risen through the ranks from Graduate Assistantship to Professor. He earned his PhD degree (Plant Genetics & Molecular Biology) from University of Guelph, B.Sc. Hons. (Agriculture) and M.Sc. (Genetics & Plant Breeding) from University of Nairobi. He has over thirty years experience in university administration part of which, as Vice-Chancellor Rongo University; Principal- Rongo University College; Deputy Vice Chancellor, Director of Research and Acting Dean of Moi University.Prof. Gudu has won several international competitive research grants which have been used to construct laboratory, purchase equipment, train staff and undertake research. He has published widely in Journals, technical reports, Chapters in books and presented papers in Scientific Conferences. Further, he has been Lead scientist and Co-scientist in regional and international research consortia of universities in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Brazil, USA, Sweden, China and Kenya.Prof. Gudu was honored and awarded: Elder of Burning Spears; research leadership by American Bibliographic Institute; technical expertise in review of scientific research proposals by ASARECA. He is a member of American Society of Plant Biologists and International Association of Plant and Soil Interaction at Low pH.He has held the following positions over his University Career:

    • VC, Rongo University
    • Principal, Rongo University College
    • Ag. VC, Moi University on Several occasions
    • DVC, Planning & Development, Moi University for 10 years
    • Ag. Principal Chepkoilel Campus for 1 year
    • Director of Research Moi
    • Ag. Dean Faculty of Sciences at Moi University
    • HoD, Botany, Moi University.


  • Ph.D, Genetics & Biotechnology – Guelph, Canada
  • MSc. Genetics & Plant Breeding – University of Nairobi
  • BSc. Agriculture (Hons) – University of Nairobi
  • A-Levels
  • O-Levels

Council Roles

The basic responsibility of the Council members is to exercise their best judgment and to act in a manner that they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of the University and its stakeholders. In discharging that obligation, the members should be entitled to rely on the honesty and integrity of the University Management, staff and its external professional advisors and auditors.

In furtherance of its responsibilities, the Council will:

  1. Determine the University mission, vision, purpose and core values;
  2. Review, evaluate and approve, on a regular basis, long-term plans for the University;
  3. Review, evaluate and approve the University budget and financial forecasts;
  4. Review, evaluate and approve major resource allocations and capital investments;
  5. Ensure that the procurement process is cost- effective and delivers value for money;
  6. Review and approve the operating and financial results of the University;
  7. Ensure effective, accurate, timely and transparent disclosure of pertinent information on the University operations and performance;
  8. Ensure that effective processes and systems of risk management and internal controls are in place;
  9. Review, evaluate and approve the overall organizational structure, the assignment of senior management responsibilities and plans for senior management development and succession;
  10. Review, evaluate and approve the remuneration structure of the University.
  11. Adopt, implement and monitor compliance with the organization’s code of conduct and ethics;
  12. Review on a quarterly basis the attainment of targets and objectives set out in the agreed performance measurement framework with the Government of Kenya;
  13. Review periodically the University strategic objectives and policies relating to sustainability and social responsibility/investment;
  14. Protect the rights of stakeholders and optimize shareholder value;
  15. Enhance the University public image and ensure engagement with stakeholders through effective communication;
  16. Monitor compliance with the Constitution , all applicable laws, regulations and standard; and
  17. Review, monitor and ensure that the organization is effectively and consistently delivering on its mandate.

Council Committees

Strategy Committee (SC)

Committee Members:

  • Kenneth K. Kiprono – Chair
  • William B. Omoding
  • Shem Nyakutu
  • Samuel Gudu—Secretary/Vice Chancellor

Role of Strategy Committee

  1. To handle urgent business on behalf of Council on matters strategy.
  2. To develop and review the University Strategic Plan.
  3. To pay due regard to necessity to refer matters of major importance to the Council for final approval.

Human Resource, Finance & Resource Mobilization Committee (HFRC)

Committee Members:

  • George O. Ochiri – Chair
  • Ezra Magati
  • Catherine M. Nkirote
  • Kenneth K. Kiprono
  • Samuel Gudu—Secretary/Vice Chancellor

Roles of Human Resource, Finance & Resource Mobilization Committee

  1. To consider qualified candidates for filling vacant positions in the University in accordance with the job descriptions for the various positions.
  2. To examine and make recommendations to Council on salaries, Terms and Conditions of Service, job grading and classification for all unionisable University Employees as and when necessary or when directed to do so by Council from time to time.
  3. To consider and advise Council on actions to be taken in regard to disciplinary matters for academic and non-academic staff
  4. To explore ways of raising funds for the University, both internally and externally, including all issues and policies concerning resource mobilization and income generating activities.
  5. To consider and make recommendations to Council on Budgeting and Planning issues, including University Master Plan, Strategic Plan, Annual Budgets as well as Supplementary Budgets.
  6. To consider and make recommendations to Council on planning and erection of new buildings, and effect any appropriate modification in physical facilities as may be necessary from time to time.
  7. To recommend to Council on acquisition of new fixed assets including land and to advise Council on utilization of such assets and land.

Academic Affairs & Appeals Committee (AAAC)

Members of the Committee:

  • David L. Mshila – Chair
  • Catherine M. Nkirote
  • George O. Ochiri
  • Ezra Magati
  • Samuel Gudu—Secretary// Vice Chancellor

Roles of Academic Affairs & Appeals Committee

  1. To advise the University on Academic, Research and Training Policies
  2. To develop and review statutes for the University
  3. To approve requests for use of the University Seal
  4. To approve recommendations for the award of Honorary Degrees of the University
  5. To receive and consider any appeals of staff who decide to appeal disciplinary decisions made by the HFRC against them
  6. To receive and consider appeals from students who decide to appeal decisions made by Senate; except decisions concerning examination matters
  7. To make recommendations to Council on the Appeal cases

Risk and Audit Committee (RAC)

Members of the Committee:

  • William B. Omoding Chair
  • David L. Mshila
  • Shem Nyakutu

Roles of Risk and Audit Committee

  1. Assisting the Accounting Officer/Chief Executive Officer in enhancing internal controls in order to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability
  2. Reviewing audit issues raised by both internal and external auditors
  3. Resolving unsettled and unimplemented Public Accounts and Public Investment Committees (PAC/PIC) recommendations
  4. Enhancing communication between management, internal and external audit and fostering an effective internal audit function.
  5. Establishing a risk management function and enhancing the implementation of a risk management plan in the University.