Council Members

Council Member Brief description
Julius Kipkeny Arap Kolil


Work Experience:

Mr.Kolil is a career banker who has worked in the Kenya Commercial Bank for 25 years in various capacities including:

  • Group Head of Operational Risk and Compliance
  • Area Director, Nairobi Region
  • Area Director, Mount Kenya Region
  • Branch Manager in 6 different branches


  • MBA, Strategic Management—University of Manstrietch at Eastern & Southern Africa Management Institute, Tanzania
  • BCom. Accounting Option—University of Nairobi
  • EACE
  • Certificate of Primary Education (CPE)
Beatrice Muthoni Mwaniki


Work Experience:
Served in the Teachers Service Commission for over 10 years in different capacities including:

  • Principal Human Resource Development (HRD) Officer;
  • Assistant Deputy Secretary HRD;
  • Deputy Secretary HRD.


  • MSc. Human Resource Development—University of Manchester, UK.
  • Bachelor of Education Arts—Kenyatta University College
  • East Africa Advance Certificate of Education (EAACE)
  • East Africa Certificate of Education (EACE)
  • Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)
Nathan Kitio Psiwa


Work Experience:Over 20 years working at the Ministry of Health and Kenyatta National Hospital as a Dentist & Consultant Orthodontist (2006-2011)Qualifications:

  • Msc. Dental Surgery—University of Western Cape, South Africa
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery—University of Nairobi


Jacinta Aluoch Odhiambo


Work Experience:

  • Program Manager, Forum for African Women Educationalist Regional Secretariat (2010 to date)
  • Senior Teacher, French Language in various institutions (1995-2010)
  • Founder Director, Mobile Education for Life International (MELI)


  • MA, Sustainable International Development—Brandeis University, Heller School for Social Policy & Management, Waltham, MA, USA.
  • B.A Education, French & Business Studies—Kenyatta University
annaAnna Ngibuini Mwaure
Work Experience:

  • Has worked as a Magistrate in Makadara and Nairobi Law Courts for over 4 years
  • An Advocate of the High Court
  • General Counsel for World Vision Kenya (2003-2005)
  • Lecturer in Legal and Leadership seminars
  • Founder Member and Partner at Mwaure&MwaureWaihiga Advocates


  • MA in Communication—Daystar University
  • Diploma in Legal Education—Kenya School of Law
  • LLB Hons.—University of Nairobi
  • A-Level
  • CPS(K)

Member of LSK

shemShem Nyakutu
Representative of the Principal Secretary – The National Treasury
Work Experience:Has worked in the Public Service for over 23 years at the Ministry of Lands and The National Treasury

  • Currently Acting Senior Deputy Director of Pensions at the National Treasury
  • Deputy Director of Pensions at The National Treasury
  • Secretary Defence Forces Pensions Assessment Board
  • Deputizes the CEO at the National Treasury
  • Representative of the PS, National Treasury at Rongo University College, Pwani University Council


  • Msc. Finance
  • BA Geography & Sociology
  • LLB
  • A-Level


Mrs. Jacinta M. A. Kapiyo

Representative of the PS, Ministry of Education

Work Experience:

  • Representative of the PS, Ministry of Education in Rongo University Council(July 2016 – date)
  • Currently Deputy Director of Education, Higher Education(April 2016 – date)
  • Senior Assistant Director of Education, MoEST(2011 – April 2016)
  • Senior Assistant Director of Education, Ministry of Education.(2008-2011)
  • Member, Kenya Polytechnic University College Council(2009-2013)
  • Appointed by TSC to Serve as a Teacher in various Institutions (1981-2008)
  • Appointed by TSC to serve as Head Teacher in Various Institutions (1999-2008)


  • Master of Education (Educational Planning, Administration and Curriculum Development)—Kenyatta University.
  • Bachelor of Education —University of Nairobi
  • East Africa Advance Certificate of Education (EAACE)
  • East Africa Certificate of Education (EACE)
  • Certificate of Primary Education (CPE)
samuelProf. Samuel Gudu


Work Experience:
Prof. Samuel Gudu is a world renowned scientist who has worked in the University for over 30 years rising steadily within the ranks from a Graduate Assistant to Professor. He has held the following positions over his University Career:

    • Ag. VC, Rongo University
    • Ag. VC, Moi University on Several occasions
    • DVC, Planning & Development, Moi University for 10 years
    • Ag. Principal Chepkoilel Campus for 1 year
    • Director of Research Moi
    • Ag. Dean Faculty of Sciences at Moi University
    • HoD, Botany, Moi University.


  • PhD, Genetics & Biotechnology – Guelph, Canada
  • Msc. Genetics & Plant Breeding – University of Nairobi
  • Bsc. Agriculture (Hons) – Moi University
  • A-Levels
  • O-Levels

Council Roles

Council is the governing body of the University College through which the University College:-

  1. Exercises prudent leadership, innovative enterprise, and good judgment in directing the University and shall always act in the best interest of the University.
  2. Administers the property and funds of the University in a manner and for the purposes which shall promote the interest of the University in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Government of Kenya;
  3. Receives, on behalf of the University, donations, endowments, gifts, grants or other monies and make disbursements therefrom to the University or other bodies or persons;
  4. Provides for the welfare of the students and staff of the University;
  5. Enters into collaborations and linkages with other universities, or other institutions of learning, whether within Kenya or otherwise, as Council may deem necessary and appropriate;
  6. Makes regulations governing the conduct and discipline of the students of the University in accordance with the Statutes;
  7. Makes regulations governing the conduct and discipline of the staff of the University in accordance with the Statutes.
  8. Ensures that a proper management structure is in place and make sure that the structure, functions of the Management Board maintains corporate integrity, reputation and responsibility.
  9. Monitors and evaluates the implementation of strategies, policies, and   management criteria and plans of the University.
  10. Constantly reviews the viability and financial sustainability of the University College
  11. Ensures that the University complies with all the relevant laws, regulations, governance practices, accounting and auditing standards.

Council Committees

1. Executive Committee (EC)
 Committee Members:

  1. Julius Kolil        –          Chairperson
  2. Shem Nyakutu  –          Member
  3. Archer Arina     –          Member
  4. Beatrice Mwaniki –      Member
  5. Samuel Gudu    –          Secretary/Principal

 Roles of Executive Committee

  1. To handle urgent business on behalf of Council
  2. To pay due regard to necessity to refer matters of major importance to the Council for final approval. For instance, the Committee shall not have power to approve the Annual Estimates and Expenditure

2 Human Resource, Finance & Resource Mobilization Committee (HFRC)
 Committee Members:

  1. Jacinta Odhiambo   –          Chairperson
  2. Archer Arina             –          Member
  3. Julius Kolil                –          Member

Roles of Human Resource, Finance & Resource Mobilization Committee

  1. To consider qualified candidates for filling vacant positions in the University College in accordance with the job descriptions for the various positions.
  2. To recommend to Council the appointment of suitable candidate(s) after considering all the requirements for the position or in case of there being no suitable candidates to recommend re-advertisement of the position
  3. To recommend to Council, improvements in the job grading classifications as the Committee may consider appropriate
  4. To review and make recommendations to Council on Terms and Conditions of Service as and when necessary or when directed to do so by Council from time to time
  5. To examine and make recommendations to Council on salaries, Terms and Conditions of Service for all University Employees
  6. To consider and advise Council on actions to be taken in regard to disciplinary matters for staff on academic and non-academic terms of service
  7. To explore ways of raising funds for the University College, both internally and externally
  8. To act on behalf of Rongo University College (RUC) on all issues concerning Resource Mobilization and Income Generating Activities
  9. To provide linkages and synergy amongst all Income Generating Activities
  10. To develop appropriate and conducive policies to guide and promote Resource Mobilization and income Generating Activities in the University College
  11. To recommend to Council the provision of Capital for potential IGA
  12. To approve performance contract report on behalf of Council
  13. To be in charge of overall University College Planning, including University College Master Plan and Strategic Plan
  14. To take charge of all arrangement for erection of new buildings once the finances have been made available
  15. To receive and consider the report on the performance of various contractors for the proceeding tender of contract period
  16. To be responsible for authorizing expenditure for all maintenance work with the provision that the Committee will have authority to delegate the minor maintenance work to an executive sub-committee of the University College
  17. To recommend and to effect as appropriate any modification in physical facilities as may be necessary
  18. To recommend to Council on acquisition of new fixed assets including land and to advise council on utilization of such assets and land

3. Academic Affairs & Appeals Committee (AAC)

Committee Members:

  1. Nathan K. Psiwa     –          Chairperson
  2. Anna Mwaure          –          Member
  3. Jacinta Odhiambo  –          Member
  4. Archer Arina            –          Member

 Roles of Academic Affairs & Appeals Committee

  1. To advise the University College on Policy for Research and Training
  2. To develop and review statutes for the University College
  3. To approve requests for use of the University College Seal
  4. To approve recommendations for award of Honorary Degrees of the University College
  5. To receive and consider any appeals of staff who decide to appeal disciplinary decisions made by the HFRC against them
  6. To receive and consider appeals from students who decide to appeal decisions made by Senate; except decisions concerning examination matters
  7. To make recommendations to Council on the Appeal cases

     4. Risk and Audit Committee (RAC)

Committee Members

  1. Mrs. Beatrice Mwaniki                      –          Chairperson
  2. Mrs. Anna Mwaure                            –          Member
  3. Mr. Shem Nyakutu                            –          Member
  4. Dr. Nathan K. Psiwa                          –          Member


Roles of Risk and Audit Committee

  1. Assisting the Accounting Officer/Chief Executive Officer in enhancing internal controls in order to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability
  2. Reviewing audit issues raised by both internal and external auditors
  3. Resolving unsettled and unimplemented Public Accounts and Public Investment Committees (PAC/PIC) recommendations
  4. Enhancing communication between management, internal and external audit and fostering an effective internal audit function.
  5. Establishing a risk Management function and enhancing the implementation of a risk Management plan in the University