The Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security is an independent Directorate in Rongo University designed to conduct high quality research in media, democracy, peace and security and generate knowledge consistent with Rongo University vision of nurturing research, innovation and outreach initiatives for the betterment of communities both locally, nationally and internationally. The directorate is a research and practice policy think-tank that explores conflict related issues in the area of media, democracy, peace and security and is a member organization of the Southern Voices Network for Peacebuilding consisting of more than 25 policy think tanks in Africa based at the Africa Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C, USA. The center conducts various activities and programs including hosting visiting fellows, training workshops and seminars, writing policy briefs, curriculum development, academic programs in Media and Security Studies, supporting local governance programs, countering violent and political extremism, crime and violence training, social media literacy, social and climate justice programs, digital peacebuilding and youth empowerment in collaboration with local and international partners. Center (CMDPS) calls for a uniquely African ideology of reporting news and media representation inspired by epistemic freedom, intellectual sovereignty and therein Africanism fused with elements of good journalism to sync with Western and other modes of expectations. It is envisioned that research projects from the Center will help influence policy issues on media, democracy, peace and security in Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa and beyond.